Poem: I’d make the ferryman cry if he was good

I’d make the ferryman cry if he could If he was good he’d shake off his shackles of misunderstood. He’d slake off his prison guard hood and weep for the hopeless waifs who couldn’t afford the pointless. i think I’ve finally escaped the warped up constant advertisement spell the broken coin goggles of wealth.

Poem: Privilege

Country Club entrance Self-important decadence Entitlement to being served Narcissism without awareness Elite status is the definition of insecurity. Privilege, the self-crowned right Greed and gluttony blight by those who have no understanding of true struggle or suffering because they think it’s their birthright.

Poem: Colorism

Colonialism started colorism The judgement of shades of skin The lightest pigmentation wins The game of inequality. It was created to subdivide Within the already divided classes Steps of hierarchy based on hues from darkest to lightest Stay in your designated space Don’t step outside of your place Dark skinned peasants worked the fields under blazing…

Poem: Disinformation

We’re reaching the breaking point Critical Mass The lies that are and were spun Are unraveling Absolute unquestioning of authority is over. We might not have the answers yet But we know better than to believe the Governments that deceive us. Unless they drop the Bomb They can’t kill all of us Just slowly one…

Poem: Consumer

Saturday dancing alone in my dirty kitchen where mops are not allowed and counter culture clutter rules Papers, dishes, cups, vases, glimmering rocks, art utensils, Chef Ramsey would not be proud to see the scattered Legos in the freezer the toy, not the frozen waffles. “What a nightmare!” he’d complain. “Where’s the lamb sauce!” he’d…

Poem: Nothing Ache

Sometimes it’s nothing that creates such ache: tooth head stomach heart all crying. Emptiness taking up space Homeless grieving a bulldozed shack of poverty All they ever had saved in trash bags as luggage irreplaceably gone or dying. Heart dead as a cemetery and Hope falls apart afraid of the dark.