Clip from “Slaying the Dragon Reloaded” c2011

The clip is from the introduction of “Slaying the Dragon Reloaded”. I highly recommend both “Slaying the Dragon” and “Slaying the Dragon Reloaded”. I streamed this through Kanopy a free app through my Amazon firestick. You need a library account to access Kanopy. It’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the US.

Poem: why worship them?

1)The god that doesn’t look like you Why worship him? he certainly doesn’t worship you. 2)The celebrity that doesn’t notice you Why worship him? he doesn’t think about you at all. 3)The pope that covers up the molestation of kids Why worship him? he doesn’t care if you go to hell he’s creating it here….

Disturbing Media: Twilight Pedophilia

(If you haven’t read or seen Twilight, spoiler alert…) (During the filming of Twilight, Kristen Stewart was still a child and she had to take breaks from working to uphold the child labor laws, look at how young she was when the first film began.) I think the Media holds responsibility for the stories it…