Poem: Literary

During high school lunch I went outside even in the snow because I had no one. I sat with my pen and book wrote poetry as food. I wasn’t starving and the cafeteria was gross pocketed the lunch money like my own bully The poet bully… Some cool kids on the inside thought my poetry…

Memoir: The Mystery of Language

In Korea I would blend in physically until I’d have to speak, my accent instantly exposes me as a foreigner. When I try to communicate in Korean, I speak like a toddler, in broken half-phrases, “Me go to sleep,” kind of cave-speak, but at 3yrs old I could understand and speak fluently in both languages,…

Cultural Appropriation Part Two: Rachel Dolezal

Have you heard of Rachel Dolezal? I hadn’t until I watched a documentary about her life called, “The Rachel Divide”. She has changed her name, but for clarity in this article, I’ll refer to her as Rachel Dolezal. She is infamous in the United States for representing herself as a black woman even though she…

Poem : Broken

Image from pexels.com They changed my birthdate, They changed my name, They even unevened my eyes. Because their hearts, and my heart, were born broken at the start, from the last heart opening moment we met.

Poem : Race and Identity

You can’t choose your race, but you can decide your tribe. Where you heart resides. Rebirthed, reclaimed self, The identity you wear is self-realized. It’s always you that marks a clue, To find your own way home.