Poem: Thank You (haiku)

❤️(A haiku for the wordpress community, thank you)❤️ Thanks for seeing through my rant’s disguised volcano hides a heart pierced gold.

Poem: Left Alive

If we, the unloved knew beginning in childhood that we’d live the majority of our adult lives alone haunted by failed love. Would there be any of us still left alive? I wonder.

Poem: Revelations

We’re in hell with clones of peter parker posey crossed with lady phat gangrene gaga princess grace garbled in garbo. Don’t worry about later Hell is now here inbred by pseudo scientists and going nowhere soon groomed to doom in the tomb of ignorance called progress. Knowledge exists in our consciousness within intuition’s feeling our…

Poem: Unrequited (haiku in 9 variations)

1) It feels like high school When I was a super fool Unrequited crush 2) Why does a crush hurt? Disappointment feels like loss Though it’s not real love 3) Imaginary Dreaming a future never Hope wasted pretend. 4) Peered eyes to my eyes Said I want to be just friends Nothing more again. 5)…

Poem: breakup before it starts : haiku in 3 variations

1) My heart’s little hurts already stark following dim ghosts cloaked in moon 2) Disclose the sudden tiny world will never bloom Break the bowl apart 3) Hello Goodbye lark a sad finish at the start Bandage it with Art.

Poem: Mother, a tortured love song for you

Whenever I reach out to her she attacks with compliments dipped in erudite daggers poisoned with innocence. She was always child-like insecure and so am I too ruled and ruined by ridicule. We never left childhood because ours was demolished both of us miserable intellectuals as children caught in the voracious gauntlet. We were geniuses…

Poem: Because of Love

  I was angry with you, Even though you’re dying, Angry because you’ve stopped trying to live. I was angry before I knew You are dying So am I slowly, mysteriously who knows when I can’t hug my child again. He’s what keeps me in this sad world. He’s what makes me want to live….