Yellow face montage from “Slaying the Dragon”

There were plenty of actual Asian actors available but non-asian actors were used to portray them instead, the real Asians were used as back fill they weren’t allowed to be in the lead role, this is known as yellow face, (when it was first done to African Americans it was called black face, those portrayals…

Clip from “Slaying the Dragon Reloaded” c2011

The clip is from the introduction of “Slaying the Dragon Reloaded”. I highly recommend both “Slaying the Dragon” and “Slaying the Dragon Reloaded”. I streamed this through Kanopy a free app through my Amazon firestick. You need a library account to access Kanopy. It’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in the US.

Poem : For my Grandma, my Halmoni

Lost puppy, baby ostrich, fancy pants guppie 3 years old again big eyes, piglet curly q tails combed shiny by Grandma, my Halmoni. Who raised me in Korea by herself, after already raising 5 daughters alone after widowhood. I’m running like the Flash in my red bright sandals a tiny female Hermès launched into the…

Poem : Broken

Image from They changed my birthdate, They changed my name, They even unevened my eyes. Because their hearts, and my heart, were born broken at the start, from the last heart opening moment we met.

Thank You Bruce Lee

Copyright free images of Bruce Lee The Martial Artist, Bruce Lee internationally elevated Asian attractiveness during the 1960s. Before (and unfortunately after) him, both Asian men and women were depicted as unattractive and/or villianously alien but at least his magnetic presence propped open the door to eventual positive Asian portrayal in media. The standard depiction…