Poem: Self-love is the Cure for Narcissism

I love you, Judy Love your blue shadow play High browed golden laughter Love your fear of mosquitoes Your bleeding glass diamonds Your everlasting tears Your wanton lightning strike Your broken struggle Your falling into waking up Your purple root heart karma.

Poem: Empathic Contortionist

She’s mixing portioning incense lightning eye closed musing humming thinking with her eyes and lips dreaming therapy soup with the smile of a hybrid angel. Sophisticated classlessness intentional crumbling she’ll switch herself out of a crowd of leering. She doesn’t want the risk of deep water sinking breathing in everyone else’s bruises as if they…

Poem : Adandoned

I’m reposting this because it’s related to my current mother theme and it had only one like! 😉 thanks Foolchund Saahil, via Poem : Adandoned

Poem: Belonging

I never felt like I belonged anywhere or to anyone felt like I was predestined to be an orphan When your family can’t understand you and your few friends can’t relate that’s what I mean by orphan. Maybe I should just be grateful for the love I was given Lovers were the closest I came…