Memoir: Praying is a common language

I grew up in a Protestant Christian household. My parents were both Korean, (raised in South Korea), they immigrated to the US in their thirties. My mother says that she was already a Christian in her native country even though South Korea’s flag depicts the mystical iChing hexagrams of Earth, Water, Air, Fire with the…

Monsters and Supercreeps

When I was a kid monsters were meant to be scary. They were dramatically deformed, had supernatural powers and were predators. Vampires, zombies, werewolves, aliens emerged from folklore. Stories, especially fairy tales contained dark lessons, moral warnings about faithfulness and betrayal. The stories were often graphically violent and grotesque although they were meant for children….

Poem : persephone

Shameless promotion, I’m reposting an earlier poem via Poem : persephone (it’s a dark, doomed mythological love poem)⚘

Poem: We Are Home

Whale timed movement A continent’s worth of songs Tectonic flow and rupture Sleep quaking volcano. Titans awake opening Magic fracture bones along ley line maps shining underworld rivers of burning light dividing our world invisibly underneath with pressurized silent explosions morphing crystals to grow into the future now sparkling secret amulet caves where an ancient shaman…