Poem: Blogging Heroic (haiku in variations)

1) Stories are waiting smart journalist persona story in progress. 2) What makes good story? the lies, fear or suicide compile forgeries. 3) Who’s the one who cares between the false and the true? Make peace with the real. 4) The real’s leaving soon don’t pause to think of what’s new embody what’s good. 5)…

Poem: Thank You (haiku)

❤️(A haiku for the wordpress community, thank you)❤️ Thanks for seeing through my rant’s disguised volcano hides a heart pierced gold.

Poem: Cupid’s Arrow (haiku in 8 variations)

1)Sometimes the arrow’s pointed sweetly straight, true mate last chance romance fate 2)Sometimes the arrow’s poisoned, replaying karma programmed on heartache 3)Sometimes the arrow’s a time machine of sorrow repeating drama 4)Sometimes the arrow’s over-flowing with bright hope illogically 5)Sometimes the arrow’s misaimed to the wrong target unrequited love 6)Sometimes the arrow’s a sadist trickster…

Poem: Guinevere (haiku in variations)

1) You were property Birthed female, sold in marriage Female means no choice. 2) Your brothers became Famous, brave, heroes of might Rich chivalrous knights 3) While you embroidered Quietly their coat of arms Prayed for their safety. 4) Poor beautiful you Married into slavery They said be grateful 5) Where else could you go?…

Poem: Aquarium Funeral (haiku)

Toilet water flush Swirled into oblivion funeral cyclone. The female beta tank has failed. All the peaceful ones were attacked until they died of their wounds. Stripes’s entire fin was ripped off. It made me lose heart. She had survived by outwitting the agressive ones by grabbing her food and diving to her hiding spaces….

Poem: Unrequited (haiku in 9 variations)

1) It feels like high school When I was a super fool Unrequited crush 2) Why does a crush hurt? Disappointment feels like loss Though it’s not real love 3) Imaginary Dreaming a future never Hope wasted pretend. 4) Peered eyes to my eyes Said I want to be just friends Nothing more again. 5)…

Poem: breakup before it starts : haiku in 3 variations

1) My heart’s little hurts already stark following dim ghosts cloaked in moon 2) Disclose the sudden tiny world will never bloom Break the bowl apart 3) Hello Goodbye lark a sad finish at the start Bandage it with Art.