Poem: None of your business


It doesn’t make sense to me

that a few get to define

the majority’s reality.

Regurgitate the terminology

or be labeled an enemy bigot.

Shaming and labeling

a whirlwind of spin

catch phrases redefine biology.

Just because you

define yourself as non binary

it doesn’t mean the rest of us

have to explain or submit

or prove our loyalty

to enforced terminology.

People are people regardless of gender.

Why do we have to identify ourselves at all?

It was the Nazis who labeled

gay concentration camp prisoners

with a pink triangle

that’s what you want for everyone?

Checkpoint Charlie?

It’s none of your business

is how I identify!

Gay, straight, bi, pansexual,

“non-binary or cis”

why do I have to wear

your identifier?

a politically correct name tag

stating myself as: she/her, he/him,

or they/them/it?

Why would anyone want to be called It?

We’re re-labeling reality

based on entitled demand

for attention and unequal “equality”

as if this movement benefits us all

when it’s designed for the few.

Who you are is your right to choose

so leave me out of it.

Live your life and let me live mine.

Why is that so difficult nowadays?

TMI society (too much information)

we don’t know how to stand alone?

It’s not safe to go against

the crowd, the mob, the new norm.

I don’t want to know:

what you had for lunch

what partner you prefer

what clothes you’re wearing

what your religion is

or what your biology is,

was, or should become.

I didn’t ask you,

so why are you telling me?

Why force feed me your riot

then beat me down

for not being interested?

Do we all need so much

constant validation

for every single thing?

Are we that insecure and needy

so desperately greedy

for attention

waiting for permission

to wear a dress or tuxedo

when it’s entirely up to you.

Waiting for accolades,

acclaim and bravery awards

for thinking your own thoughts?

Caitlin Jenner, your celebrity life

isn’t more important

or courageous

or worthy

than the rest of us struggling to live.

You have always been

privileged and entitled:

born White, Male, North American

to name a few.

Go cry or celebrate

on your own time

stop wasting ours on yours.

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