Poem: White Fragilty Game

(To white liberals who act as if they’re saving “people of color” yes, I’m referring to you Barbara)

You cater to those

Who already follow

You cater to their shame.

You offer more division

a laugh out loud frame

as if you were a comedy act

with eminent domain

but nothing’s funny about

a laugh track of historical racism and blame.

Your bestseller profits from

Preaching to the choir

You tell them to hate themselves

the Oprah show contestant wannabes

They’re your eyes white shut audience

just like you taught them, they expect you to.

You’re cashing in

on the politically correct gimmick.

I see your shell shame game

white conquerer lame

with endless entitled followers

to chant black lives matter

as if only white voices would be heard

How absurd

You publish statistics of white privilege

that anyone could easily google

while you pretend you invented it

just like George Lucas

You haven’t helped anyone

White Black or Invisible

You reached none

that needed to realize their privilege

selling out sponsored by the already converted.

You just helped to subdivide

The already fatally divided.

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