Poem: Untitled #1

Kacper Szczechla, unsplash.com

the permanent while scrupulously imitated/ wrapped bored shadow prism clothes/crystal century shows sealed adjusted exceptions/a fatal love inspired our meeting/mysterious mind pattern/by chance a thousand others dream equally perhaps of omissions/pure mysterious quicksilver made effects/sensitive human flowers wake from married teeth/a metal moonlight ghost casts enough reflection between the last still question/I wanted self harm without effort against the silence/shone light lungs balancing purpose/sublime serene influences between remember/positively the branches take long motionless strange anything/to tell me not yourself invisible absolutely/my love make a voice perform enormous dramatic enchanting attention/ dreamer recalling the nature of wood from innocent smiling imagination/a wife is everything out this of nothing/a natural mirage already original/sparkling thunder powerful recovering/unfortunate modern love is basically material dotted charm/inspired in riding clouds of pressed translation/meditation changes reason therefore engage without complaint/precious years mourning love light hesitated/a century of loves/clairvoyance wrapped my hands in crystal globe stem/vials of secret mystery/life born to lose/guide artificial fire portraits of fatal love inspired without remember/a thousand stars vapor stream your smiling name/my divine disorder/you asked for limbo gently since the beginning/sufferers floated without translation/in strange coma clothes.

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