Poem: Therapists, the rapists of psychology

Therapists pretend to know

While they themselves are troubled

I’ve paid to counsel a few for free

during my wasted hours.

One complained about her love life

her disappointments on OkStupid

she spent my whole session on herself.

Another who also happened to be a nun

suggested I poke holes in the condom

to rope my man to Commitment!

These are the people we pay for advice

Therapists, the rapists of psychology.

The difference between

Amateur and Professional

is too often subjective.

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  1. jeremyjames says:

    !! I’ve never understand the widespread therapist culture in the U.S….there must be lots of dodgy people over there charging money. of course even a deaf person in the room would have some benefit. People need to share to process emotions

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    1. Yes, the US are obsessed with therapy, big business, what therapists charge is insane. I have problems with Freud’s assumptions and focus on sex/incest/penis envy. I liked Jung’s concept of synchronicity though. People do need to process/talk but this can be done with friends and mentors who won’t expect $$$. I think the few times I tried therapy it was an expensive waste of time.


      1. jeremyjames says:

        Yeah I’d steer clear of psychotherapy. I’ve never really looked into it but it feels like junk science to me

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      2. I think a lot of mainstream science is pseudoscience


      3. jeremyjames says:

        That altered traits book on the science of meditation painted an alarming picture of the lack of true scientific rigour in that particular field. Something like 3% of published reports were acceptable to the authors…

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      4. That makes sense to me. We tend to give authority to scientific theory as if it were proven.


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