Poem: choice and consequence

1)It’s difficult to stand alone

Without a clan

a one person island

depend on yourself

Lone wolf syndrome

Commitment phobia

Staying alone protection

I don’t need anyone

Born of myself

Fine with dying alone


No one wants that

To be completely forgotten

Missed by none

every orphan knows

Love creates family

2)No one was born alone

None should die that way.

Except the monsters

They don’t deserve

sympathy they never gave.

You don’t have to be perfect

but monsters make their gory choice

to kill torture rape force

permitting every evil

Let them die in the same way

in the same exact hell

that they themselves created.

Madness is no excuse,

certain crimes are unforgivable.

Christians, Buddhists, New Agers

promote letting go


and forgiveness

but I’m not one of them.



  1. jeremyjames says:

    Forgive but perhaps not forget? It’s hard, serious, intensive work not to forgive — that’s the difficulty for me

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    1. I tend to try to forgive but not forget, but I really think some crimes are unforgivable, for instance, the live harvesting of organs of innocent people in China, is beyond forgiveness in my opinion.


      1. jeremyjames says:

        Agreed. I was talking more on a person to person level. If someone harvested my organs forgiveness wouldn’t be on the table — so to speak

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