Poem: Everyday Q & A for Asian American Citizens: Where are you from? Part Two


1)Where are you from?

Why do you want to know?

2)Where are you from?

I grew up on the East Coast.

3)Where are you from?

My home was in Maryland.

4)Where are you from?

San Francisco then Oakland.

5)Where are you from?

I’m a North American.

6)Where are you from?


Wow! You lived in Africa?!

We all come from Africa.

7)Where are you from?

Earth, just like you.

8)But…Where are you really from?

Stardust don’t you know?

We’re all made of stars

but only some glow

the ones who know

climb higher

shine brighter

bodhisattva teachers

rise up the evolutionary ladder.

This isn’t Your:

Country Club

Land Planet

Home show

This All belongs to All of us.


  1. Jeff Cann says:

    Strange how people who don’t look “European” always must be “from” somewhere else.

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    1. Yes, and European language and accents are considered sexy but the others are not, they’re ridiculed instead. Colonialism was never dead.

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