Poem: Standing Out

Standing out

makes you other



Anything above

a B cup breast

stands out


Getting everyone’s attention

Whether you want it or not

They’re a burden

Only big breasted women


what I’m exposing.

Perhaps a requirement

in male to female surgeries

should include C cup and above sizing

monthly bloodletting for 40 yrs

cramps included with the hormones

a lifetime of being underpaid

with random sexualized

shame and praise

unwanted body comments

made by male strangers.

Welcome to the secondary class

the submissive role.

If you want to join

the female tribe of sisters

those are just a few of the perks

and requirements.

Be careful

what you

wish for

might not be

what you wanted.


  1. Spot on, Judy! The same applies for women with big butts.
    By the way, do you have a poetry collection in the works?

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    1. Thanks Rosaliene, I agree with you too. It’s the dynamics of claiming females as property is the agenda of objectification, not a compliment to be physically judged and classified. I’m working on gathering poems to publish, I have many years of writing that I have to sift through and re-edit. Thank you for asking, I feel flattered!

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      1. Judy, I look forward to reading, when published.

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      2. That’s so great to hear, thank you Rosaliene.


  2. And yet the struggle is real. The need to be in the body that you feel you already have in your mind. I don’t think Trans people have it easy either way. Whatever decision they make on sex change, life never gets easier. But yeah, male to female transition sure feels like a step down of privileges to this cis-gender pansexual female’s perspective. But that “other-ness” you mention, it so accurately captures the unfortunate feeling of half the population of the world.


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