Poem: Murder not Suicide

Celebrities have everything

Fame, Wealth, Beauty

and Death, disguised as suicide.

I guess it’s who you know

That gets you in the door

So maybe what you know

Or what you stand up for

Will get you silenced.

Anthony Bourdain

Spoke for the underdogs

He ate the world’s food

Without snobbery

Sharing tales of injustice

His popularity and influence

His compassion and truth telling

Ended his life I think

He had everything going for him

Career, Love, Wealth, Status, Family.

Clues are everywhere of

Similarities in door knob hangings

Like a killer’s calling card.

Hanging oneself is no easy task

Pills are a kinder exit

Hanging is a slow, painful process

That pampered celebrities

most likely would avoid.

I don’t believe:

Kate Spade,

Robin Williams,

Chester Bennington,

Chris Cornell

Hung themselves

I think their high profile deaths

Were dramatic examples

To keep the others silent.

Look deeper

Notice the pattern

It was murder

Not suicide.

*(I don’t pretend to know who killed him, but the outrageous number of celebrity “suicides” by door knob hanging is I think, highly suspicious. I’m not a flat earther, but I do believe conspiracies contain both truth and active disinformation. I think people like Alex Jones are part of the disinformation, leaking certain truths along with lies; and I think it’s all meant to keep us in the dark).

Stranger than fiction: Williams, Cornell, Bennington, image from Reddit,

“Anthony Bourdain’s death is no suicide. It’s a Mossad Murder. – The Millennium Report
— Read on themillenniumreport.com/2018/06/anthony-bourdains-death-is-no-suicide-its-a-mossad-murder/

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