Poem: prodigal (haiku)


I’m a bad daughter

I care only for myself

That’s how they see me.


  1. Welcome to the club, Judy.

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    1. Thanks Rosaliene❤️🙂

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  2. Sue Young says:

    Amazing post. You said so much in those three lines. This is how my parents see me. It’s how they saw me before I was born.

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    1. Thanks Sue, I’m sorry that you can relate❤️but comforted that you understand. I think we both must have posed a challenge to our parents by being different from them and/or uncontrollable, not following their beliefs.

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      1. Sue Young says:

        Your courageous posts and your caring nature are beginning to give me courage. Thank you.

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      2. Thank you❤️Sue, I think you have courage already, writing a blog takes bravery.

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