Poem: Freedom

(For Spencer)

Andrea Reiman, unsplash.cm

Twin souls never stand a chance

They were never meant to dance

on Earth enraptured.

Because it awakens jealousies

when we usurp them

circumnavigate the rote purpose

dare to oppose their version

of status conscious happiness.

When souls disengage from pretend

when we unfriend the robotics

replace the screen with the actual.

activate the natural

hum again with radiant eyes

unearthing the synchronized rhythm.

What propels life was never strife.

Creation comes from possible open yes.

When battered slaves are free

after devastation and ruin

happier below than ever was above.

When blind slaves overcome

their taskmasters of gaudy illusion

We can begin again with right purpose.

Planting trees, sharing stories

This world will support us if we let it

if only we let go of greed.