Poem: Landscapes of nostalgia

Walking through the city

With earbuds on when everyone

Looked like iClones

During the iTech invasion

I felt ancient modern

With an imagined sword

Worn like a guitar on my back

Jeanne D’Arc in the darkened subway

My eyes doubled a second layer of vision

Timed to music objects became more rare

I was a time traveler for an instant

Remembering the gowns and the armor

I was there and here before

I have no proof

Just the subtle memory.


  1. Beautiful poem describing an era before we were all hooked into the Matrix of the Internet, VR and the coming 5G.

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    1. Thank you Christopher. I think VR is super scary, what is reality anymore? will we know the difference, the coming 5G sounds ominous! 🤔

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