Poem: Poetic Justice


He was the aggressor

Ignited by Mother

A live waiting volcano

Calm until he burst.

He’d switch gears unpredictably

Laughing along gregariously

Until the sudden reverse

When upside down

Serial killer clown

With racing horse eyes

Veins panting

protruding out

Like an addict

Impatient for a fix

Face flushed red


Father Patriot

knows worst not best

Breadwinner power tripper

Hands weaponized like metal glove

Chest puffed out gorilla style

Ego machismo

Heart dead sunken treasure mess

Double suicide threats

“If I’m going down so are all of you”

Master of the house bullshit.

Searching for his gun all night

He held us hostage this way

Everyday was similar

reworn insanity.

He beat everyone up in the family

For so-called disrespecting him

Except me,

I was his secretly disloyal favorite.

He broke the kitchen table in half

To prove his pointless anger

He broke locked bedroom doors

To destroy our right to privacy

He ruled our ruined castle like a dungeon.

But one day a fellow church patriarch

Viciously punched him in the face

I don’t know what started the disgrace

But swollen lumps rapidly appeared

Like plump mosquito islands on his forehead

His handsome straight nose was broken

His movie star eyes bruised black

Lightning strike karma attack

Came like an earthquake shock

We: mother sister brother and I

We tried to be sympathetic

We tried not to laugh

But I most certainly did

outside of his view

Revenge is best served

By fate and circumstance

Synchronicity chance

the idiocy of others

to advance in alpha status,

A clean conscience

With absolute innocence

is a form of true poetic justice.


  1. Foolchund Saahil says:

    Emotionally powerful and conveying your own experience. Makes me remember Plath’s poem Daddy I had studied. But yours has at least a reversal. I remember Plath’s poem ending as obscurely as it had started. Very interesting theme and beautifully presented.

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    1. Thank you for your kind compliment and comparison to Plath, I have not read her yet but know of her writing.

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      1. Foolchund Saahil says:

        She has had a very difficult life with her violent husband and her domineering father. Her poem Daddy was a reflection of her relationship with her father. It somewhat made me feel the same way when I read the first part of your poem. Given that yours end pretty well, I guess it gives a sense of catharsis to me.

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      2. I’m glad you felt a cathartic feeling at the end of my poem. Thank you❤️

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  2. Megala says:

    Beautifully penned!

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  3. syl65 says:

    You know this is really powerful, Judy. There are so many of those domestic king kongs that go unscathed and those that do get their comeuppance eventually.

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    1. Thank you Syl65, my dad was like King Kong and the Incredible Hulk for a long time. He’s calmed down now and has many regrets. I feel both sympathy and sometimes anger. It’s hard to not forgive a repentant person especially when they’re your father.


      1. syl65 says:

        You’re welcome, Judy. You can forgive and it doesn’t mean you forget. He is repentant and calmer, that’s good and you’re entitled to your feelings, we are all human.

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      2. I agree, thank you.


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