Poem: Nothing Ache


Sometimes it’s nothing

that creates such ache:

tooth head stomach heart

all crying.

Emptiness taking up space

Homeless grieving

a bulldozed shack of poverty

All they ever had saved

in trash bags as luggage

irreplaceably gone or dying.

Heart dead as a cemetery

and Hope falls apart

afraid of the dark.



  1. Wow. Soulful writing Sister. I can almost feel the despair.

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    1. Thanks Dennis, there’s many homeless where I live, luxurious wealth right next to extreme poverty. It makes me feel like a hypocrite, that my complacency is part of the problem.

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  2. Cubby says:

    The ache of material nothingness is something many people will never understand, and the many who do understand will have been unfortunate to have gained such understanding. A beautiful write.

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    1. Thanks Cubby, you understand it perfectly.

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  3. fauxcroft says:

    I feel this, it resonates so much with me. This is an ache I am familiar with.

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    1. Thanks Faux, I appreciate your empathy.


  4. Bill says:

    Judy…you master the power of the pen.

    So well done.

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    1. Thanks Bill for your gracious comment.


      1. Bill says:

        My pleasure Judy!


  5. That about sums up homelessness all right.

    Which I personally experienced for 18 months in the 2016-2017 time period.


    1. I’m sorry you experienced homelessness, it must have been incredibly difficult. I only couch surfed at various times and those times made me treasure the simple luxuries of modern life in the US.


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