Poem: god of man pose


I found a prize

a booby trap

a trick of the light

through lanterns.

I am innocenced

a night flight firefly candle

epic within the minuscule

a roaring whisper mantle

with magical ocean illusion

invoked illustration

hold the shell rose close

to your ear hart

and believe

in waves lapping

swooning into the grasping

wandering like lovers into the deep

secret meetings and partings

promises betrothed

wear my nightdress French indigo

and moonlit cosmic pearls

buy my laughing trick of parallel flying

my hands like sea scarves

you wear invincibility

in immediate tender sword

your point pierce flower

your god of man pose

in ecstatic surrender.

(written 7/28/03 revised 1/24/19)



  1. Excellent.

    Sort of a combination of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Christina Rossetti and Anne Rice dancing a triple tango.

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    1. That’s quite a combination, thank you.

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