Poem: (Wait) Trust in Fate

Portugal, https://unsplash.com/@iamfilipealmeida



the miracle of fate

a savored song

ages long

in earth time sorrow

but just a second

in cosmic tomorrow.


like buttercups

drunk on sun.

Be innocence

to re-experience

the inner solar magic

golden tripled temples

smiling into one.

Prepare for a surprise

unlike ever was or will become.

The distance and difference

creates exultations wondrous

so let it come.

Give it all time

mysteriously like wine.

Waiting for time’s

alchemical perfection.

Dressing in costume

in backstage bandages of voile

ready for every possibility.

Trust what’s yours will come.

Scuba divers sense treasure maps

under currents encased

in gilded bottles of forgotten time.

Love is a surfacing lioness

in high summer savanna

waiting with pride

for you at sunrise.

(Originally written in 2003, revised 2019)


  1. Brilliant use of rhyme and rhythm.

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  2. poetryfromtheinkwell says:

    Wonderful use of rhyme. Loved the flow of this, too.

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  3. Cubby says:

    A beautifully uplifting piece. Love the imagery.

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