Poem: Lovely born sorrow

Jellyfish, Stocksnap, pixabay.com

Lovely born sorrow

may your tomorrows

Remember nostalgia

is a forgotten kind of magic.

I had a favorite pillow

when I was small,

Purple, corduroy vibrant velvet

It was more than comfort

It was my soul friend

That I sunk into

grieving effervescent indigo.

Cat-like curled unfurled

Pouring volcanic survival tears

Gestated in fractured,

volatile relief

The root moral poison

of genetics is power.

No more secret sorrows linger

Paint yourself real into the never ending dare

Laid bare yourself brave to stop following.

Staining, stealing, striving,

Liberating yourself

From Inconsolable

Orphan borrowed joy.

4 thoughts on “Poem: Lovely born sorrow

  1. “Paint yourself real into the never ending cosmic dare”
    ~ Love the way you express our courage to be our authentic selves. Others may burden us with diverse, prejudged labels. It takes courage to lay bare ourself to others.

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