Poem : Art is What You Signify

Image from pixabay.com

Angry, apathetic,

wounded by seriousness,

self ego importance

this is my commerce,

look at how miserable I am.

Watch me cut this blade,

this is the way

to kill wild innocence.

Orphan geisha nanny maid

I do this for Art

and because I’m nothing named

a dissident traitor to the old cause,

raging like Robespierre,

everything goes

including all throats.

And in the space of quiet sleepless

I leer at the moon and

lick these star scars

like ornaments they glimmer

and confuse.

I stay this age in parallel universe

dual nature entrined

with 3 eyes beady, bat shy

night flying by


Incredible princess brat

stomping on tiaras tilted flat

Why does this version

frighten you more?

Reject the fool crying heralder

Exile the self interested prophet

Do this in remembrance

of eternal martyrdom.

Disavow the me in you

the trouble maker grief shaker,

the ruined, the coward,

the inept, the wordless.

Tell me again how it isn’t


Tell me again how long and hard and weighted you are,

and how you wished for me,

But now how



you are of me again.

Bruise my wounded eagle.