Poem : Muse

Screenshot from “The New Frontier, Stars Above” Season 2: Episode 9 c2017

1)Here we are again at the precipice

the exact ledge, edge of the universe

Before us is the turning curve

the cove of absolute horizon

Immensity of ocean mystery waves

See life swimming magnetically home

into this unbearable beauty

this lengthening circle called Time.

A primal tenderness remakes me

child-like crying radiant

into stars again far away home,

naked, torn and forgiven.

2)Sun spiraling love

becoming vulnerability

frenetic touch

on filament skin

shadow blinking

a thousand selves

a thousand cells

twinning magic

irresistibly by an organic force

like moon tides,

like tear falls,

like memory’s recognition

stored everywhere connected:

turtle = mother hand feeding flowers

snowfall = father lighting a fire

with magi spice laugh carrying me

on his shoulders deep in the woods of longing

3)I am shy blue and well read

wishing to be your friend

in sky lake lemon sun

dripping with seeds

Rainlight balms

imagination with innocence

to play again in the garden

the original moment

where everything is possible and beloved.

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