Poem: Misnomers

Why do they call bad men dogs or pigs? Dogs and pigs are lovely, loyal, intelligent. Why do they say honorable behavior is noble or classy? Nobles were sadists, slavers and rapists and their descendants still are Why do they call evil men dicks? Dicks are hilariously sublime. Why call non-aggressive guys pussies? Pussies are…

Poem: Tiny Angels

(for JJ my angel) Raised from a star Ascended from afar a tiny angel grew from a wish. He swam like a guppy a somersaulting puppy like laughter inside me. He lived in my belly womb in soft water globe glow floating in microscopic white light embryonic micro-macro-cosmic reflected infinite love in miniature swirled in…

Poem: Guinevere (haiku in variations)

1) You were property Birthed female, sold in marriage Female means no choice. 2) Your brothers became Famous, brave, heroes of might Rich chivalrous knights 3) While you embroidered Quietly their coat of arms Prayed for their safety. 4) Poor beautiful you Married into slavery They said be grateful 5) Where else could you go?…

Poem: Ode to Friendship Poem

Did you ever have a friend Who came from nowhere appeared Saved your life from loneliness Detra was a social scene in one diva body queen Her presence attracted a cozy real audience Dee helped Ben pick out my ring My forever engagement ring Good life and love to you Dee Forever my sister spirit

Poem: Song Sang Sung

Song Sang Sung Korean names come Koreans have soul Especially South Koreans Born in Seoul especially in wartime Woes and love Sacrifice and anonymity Humble modest underneath bold. It gets so fucking cold and they survive in threadbare rags frozen, revived, survived everlasting torture and further denial Outrageously blooming like fresh cut winter flowers.

Sade Pearls

open.spotify.com/track/6sPKXP299yqEb6VM1DNimH (To Detra Watson, my good friend and sister spirit) Last is the best…Sade❤️ Visionary Goddess Makes me sing mourning songs